11 Tips on How To Buy A Used RV

In our last blog, we explained the benefits of buying a used RV. There are many benefits—primarily monetary—to purchasing a high quality used RV. But the thing is…you’ve got to find the right one.

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And you must be careful not to be deceived by appearances. A beautiful unit that might seem as though it has all the bells and whistles might actually be hiding mechanical problems. Conversely, RV’s that have the well-loved look of slightly worn seats and appliances may actually be the most sound and sturdy RV that you could wish for. How can you know?

In this article, we are going to tell you the most important things to look for when you’re in the market for a used RV. At Kirkland RV, we thoroughly inspect all of our used RV’s for all of the following—you should too!

1. Engine

Does the engine start immediately? Does the engine sound rough as it runs? Does it start easily? Now, pop open the hood and take a look at the mechanics. Is it clean? Are the belts in good condition?

2. Generator

Since you’re already under the hood, look at how many hours are on the generator and check the oil. If the oil looks dirty, it means it hasn’t been changed in a while. Before closing the deal, get the oil changed.

3. Body

Pay particular attention to the area of the body around the tires. Notice any nicks, dings and dents, but keep your eyes carefully peeled for any signs of rust. Depending upon the model of RV, you may also want to slide under the body to peek at the undercarriage. For more information on rust, take a look this article.

4. Tires

On many used RV’s you’ll find moderately worn tires or newly replaced tires. What you want to check for is signs of uneven wear. You’ll also want to double check the brand and their age to make sure they are the right tires for the RV model. Don’t forget to check for a spare tire and holder!

5. Roof

Don’t be shy about asking to check out the roof of your RV. You need to know if there are any signs of leakage, or any indications that repairs were made to it. If everything looks good outside, it’s time to check out the interior.

6. Appliances

This is one of the most common things to go wrong on an RV. Used RV’s are actually quite likely to have appliances in good working order, however, because any malfunctioning appliances would be repaired or replaced by your RV dealership before putting it up for sale. Check the oven, refrigerator, microwave—anything that is in the kitchen and runs off of electricity. Each appliance should be cleaned and running smoothly.

7. Furnishings

Has the RV been well cleaned? The furniture within the RV should be clean. In a used RV, wear and possible stains can be expected, by these should be slight. The most important aspect is cleanliness and good overall condition. Lean in and give the seats and bed a sniff—any odors should either be dealt with or ditch the deal. Also check the firmness of the mattresses and cushions—these shouldn’t have dips or craters.

8. Slide-outs

Always check that any slideouts are in good working order. They should slide smoothly and quietly into place, without any glitches.

9. Electricity

Are all of the lights working well? Any light switch covers missing or loose? Any indication of electrical repairs? Do all the exterior lights work as well?

10. Bathroom

The toilet, tank, and shower should all be thoroughly cleaned without any odors or staining. Is there any sign of water damage? Check that all the bathroom appliances and fixtures are in good condition and working well.

11. General

Now that you’ve established that the major points of your RV are all ready to go, you need to consider the appearance and appeal. Do you like the layout and design of the RV? Is it sizeable enough for your needs? Is is the RV class that you’d wanted? This is the moment to step back and look at the RV as a whole: Could this be your new home on wheels?

If your used RV has passed all the points in our checklist, congratulations! It appears that you have found a good quality new (to you) RV!

If you’re still looking for a new used RV, come down to our dealership or look through our listings. We have excellent models of every type of RV class available in every price range. Our financing options and excellent RV services ensure that you’ll be happy with your RV choice.

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